Begging Your help deciphering this pattern!

Hi! I’m a new knitter working on a scarf for my grandmother and I really don’t want to make a mistake, so I’m asking you guys!
Here’s the scarf I’m working on:

I worked this Row 3 and came up 3 or 4 stitches short to complete it:
K2,k1,yo,k8,(sl1,k2tog,psso), k8,yo; repeat from, end k3

I don’t know what I’ve done wrong or if the patterns wrong.Is there any way you guys could work that row to see if the patterns wrong? Or am I misunderstanding the pattern instructions?
Heres how I worked the row:
Knit two, * knit 1, yarn over, then knit 8, (slipped 1 ,knit two together,psso) for psso I slipped,knit one, then passed that stich over- was I supposed to pass the k2tog stitch over or create a new stitch to pass over ? which is what I did-
then i knit 8, yarned over and repeated after the first asterisk *but when I needed to repeat k8 i had only 6 stitches left with K8,yo, and end k3 left to do on the row!

I hope this post is making sense, can you guys see what i’ve done wrong or if the pattern is wrong? Thank You so Dearly for your help! :slight_smile:

I come up with 45 stitches ( I didn’t work the pattern, just counted). The stitches in the * * are 20 stitches, so you’ll do two repeats.

It does sound like your problem is with the sl1 k2tog psso. You slip one, then knit two stiches together, and then slip the stitch over the two you just knitted together, so you are taking 3 stitches and turning it into 1 stitch.

I hope this helps - good luck - it is a lovely pattern.

Ohhh I see! I created a whole new stitch to pass over , no wonder! I guess because in the psso video here I watched last night you knit a stitch to pass, I thought you had to do that all the time!
Thank You ever so much sarah_jayne!! :slight_smile:
May the Knitting Gods smile on you! :slight_smile:

They already have, but I’ll take more. :happydance: I’m glad that I could help - hopefully you’ll have smooth sailing from there! Best of luck!