Beg knitter in Highland California

Hi everyone, I’m a new at knitting and all I can knit is scarves. I would love to meet new people whom know how to knit. I don’t care if your new or old at it, lets just meet! :happydance:

Hi Laura,
I thought you might be interested in the yarn group I meet with. I go to Yarn Deli in Redlands most Wednesday nights. It’s from 6-9 pm. Free. There are women who come pretty regularly from all over the Inland Empire. It is a nice group. Becky and Sharon are the owners and are very generous with help. You really ought to give it a try. You’re like 15-20 minutes away? It’s over near Wal-Mart off the 10 at California.
Hope to see you there.
There’s another group at the Enchanted Unicorn on Thursday nights too. They are on Tennessee. You might stop by there too. I don’t get there as often.

Welcome Laura! :hug: I’m a fairly new knitter myself and I’m really new to the blog. I just wanted to welcome you:thumbsup:

thanks for the info, but unfortunatley I don’t know how to drive yet :shrug: and most of my knitting has been messed up :frog: