Beg, borrow, or steal? (for a good cause!)

So I was knitting a chemo cap for a friend from church. I chose Shedir (BEAUTIFUL and THOUGHTFUL chemo cap from the knitty special breast cancer issue–check out girlfromauntie for the story behind it!) which requires exactly one ball of rowan calmer, with nothing left over for swatching. Apparently I was “jest a tech” over gauge and I’m short by a few yards. :doh: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: I’m on row sixty-something (of 83, and most of the rest are decrease rows). So instead of shelling out another $12 for another ball, I thought I’d come to you knitsters, hat in hands so to speak, and see if anyone had ANY waste yarn of rowan calmer (powder puff, 482). If so I’d be happy to send you a few bucks for shipping/handling. Please please please send me a private message if you can help me out!


I don’t ha :hug: ve have any Rowan yarn… but if I did I WOULD give it to you!!
Hugs to you for being so thoughtful!!

Do you have any from your cast on you could attach? go ahead and weave in your ends and maybe you would have enough? Another thought is to do the decrease (if the hat lends itself to this) in a different yarn? Maybe even something from your stash? Wish I could help too!