Before or after?

A question for all of you cargidan gurus -

I am planning to use the 3 needle bind off to join the shoulders of this cardi in this yarn… should I join first and block later or block first?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

PS - LOVE this yarn!!! OMG! Note to self - stock up on it!

Join first, keep the BO loose, then block.

I use 3-needle bindoff frequently, [U]but I always block the pieces first, then seaming the shoulders is last.[/U] As a matter of fact, on this cardigan I would block the Fronts, Back and Sleeves, then seam the shoulders, then pick up the stitches for the collar and buttonbands. Then, seam the sides and sleeves. Then, after the entire sweater is seamed, I’d lay wet cloths over top of the collar and buttonband ribbing to ‘set them’.

I put the live stitches on the shoulders onto waste yarn during the blocking.
I block first because the pieces are flat, and still small enough to maneuver around on the blocking board.