"beer gloves"

Help! I’m knitting “beer gloves” for my son. They have fingers but only half of the finger. I followed the instructions exactly - they look really cool. But they had me put in waste yarn for the thumb and continue with the pattern for the body for 2 1/4 more inches. Now I’m to go back pull out the waste yarn and start knitting up the thumb. Where oh where do I get the yarn from? I’m pretty much a beginner at this and I’m a bit confused at this point. Can anyone help? please? thanks for the help. Pam

The stitches that are held on the waste wool are going back onto your needles and you knit from them, you reattach the wool from the balll to start knitting with. Good luck, gloves are heaps of fun!

Hi thanks alot for the help. I decided yesterday just to jump in and give it a try on my own and I did figure it out!!! amazing! I thought the worst that could happen is that I’d have to go back and start over again. No big deal - its not like I wasn’t having fun doing it any way. thanks again!