Been searching forever

Hi, guys

   I have been searching forever for a tam, beret style hat kinda
   lacey to go with this scarf I made but I want to do it on 2 
   needles, have done it before in bulky yarn but can't find one in
   a lighter yarn! You guys are always so helpful hope you can 
   help again, thanks so much in advance!

                                  cheers,  Trish:knitting:

You mean you want to knit it flat and seam? Well the only one I could find on two needles is this one and it’s not lacy. Maybe you could add lace yourself?

Most berets (hats too) are done on circulars … how come you don’t want to take advantage of them? (the circulars) This probably isn’t what you want but the new Interweave has this darling beret called the Sweet Honey Beret. It’s a honeycomb brioche stitch and it ends up looking pretty lacy. I’m going to make it it’s so nice.