Been MIA

Hi everyone,
I’ve been MIA for awhile now. I just wanted to pop in and say “hi”. I’ve been super busy. My job reassigned me, and I’m trying to get my footing, DH and I got married on May 31, 2008, I’m now four month pregnant, and I don’t know if you were watching the fires in CA, but all of the HUGE ones, were right here. It’s been smoky (we wore masks for two weeks straight when outside, hot, busy, tiring, life changing 5 months. So I haven’t had time to knit, read, sleep, breath, or anything else.

Hopefully, now that the job is settling down, the fires are mostly out (except for the new ones started by the lighting storm the other day) and baby is only sapping my smart and not all of my energy, I’ll be able to get back to knitting and maybe read a book or two.

I miss KH, I miss the KHers so very much. :muah::hug:

Nice to hear from you! Is the baby a boy or girl or are you going to be surprised?

Oh, we want to know so bad…but we have to wait until September 2, 2008, it’s torture. :slight_smile:

my MIL wants a girl so bad she can taste it. She’s already told people we’re going to have a girl. DH says “NO girls allowed”…he just realized that if we have a girl she will want to date when she gets older, and he thinks that will be a huge problem…

As the mother of a 16yo daughter whose guy “friend” has been coming over nearly every evening…I hear what your dh is saying!

It’s nice to see you back. :hug:

Congratulations on your marriage and the baby. Now, you better get busy knitting adorable things for him, or er her?


I’m getting nerve pinching in my hands, so I’m having some trouble knitting right now. It sucks.

I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to!!

The fires must have been miserable especially with being pregnant.

Let us know, when you know, if you are expecting a boy or a girl. I always find the idea of knowing ahead of time odd; we didn’t want to find out when I was pregnant with my son. He is 13, at that time there was about a 10% chance of error. I think the U.S. is more accurate now. With my daughter, she was adopted, so of course we knew!

Just between you, me, and your MIL, I’m rooting for a girl.

Congratulations on all the positive life changes. Glad you can find a little time to check in occasionally.

it’s so hard waiting. Everyone is on pins and needles. I tell them we wont find out til Sept. 2, but the keep calling and asking if the date has changed…we both have crazy families.

If it had been available I would have found out for sure! Some people say they want to be surprised, but I think it helps the bonding process really. Besides, it’s still a surprise… just an early one! :yay:

:hug: good to hear from you, Letah! :slight_smile: