Been MIA, here are my current WIP's

Hi I’ve been gone for awhile, busy life mainly :wink:

I’ve been knitting in the minutes here and there, here are my current WIPs. I’m terrible for details, as in I don’t have any!

First a Crib Blanket for my newest niece: (no pattern)

Hubbies Christmas Gift: (no pattern)

Tunic Sweater for myself:(this is from a pattern)

And my summer knitting project: (also from a pattern)

Everything looks great. What yarn are you using for the crib blanket? I love the colours.

I have a horrible habit of winding up the yarn to my preference and abandoning the bands. I know the crib blanket is worked in a red heart acrylic something. It is super soft. Almost annoyingly soft when working.

The blue is in Patons Shetland chunky.

The sock (hubbies gift) is in Online supersocke nordland colour. Dh wears a size 15 shoe, so that puppy will be huge!

And the green vest is in Filatti Carezza cotton… but again, lost the band so I can’t give the specifics.

thanks! :slight_smile:

They all look lovely . I too really like the yarn you are using for the crib blanket .
Do not forget to show us pics when you have finished them all:)

Those are all beautiful! And I agree about the yarn for the crib blanket…it’s gorgeous!

Oh they are so pretty!!

Everything looks so good!

Everything looks great! Good job! :thumbsup:

:yay: everything looks great!!

It’s all looking terrific! :thumbsup: