Been lurking here for a while

and I thought that I should introduce myself finally! My name is Debbie and I am a stay at home mom who is trying to find the time to really figure out this whole knitting thing! I started by taking a class through the adult ed, my teacher is from Scotland and has been knitting for 40+ years(!) and now we are in the “intermediate” class at the local Starbucks and I am still getting myself confused? I have finished two items, well scarfs for my daughters and thank goodness the girls are little! :doh: I made them with Patons Allure yarn with just a simple knit stitch, 2 balls each plus a little more with size 15 Takumi needles and this is what turned out: (see picture at the bottom)

Right now I am attempting to make my first hat, and I bound and determined to finish it! I also know that I am a complete novice and refuse to start something that will make me feel like I really am a dunce with it. I have gone shopping though and bought myself some green wool cotton hanks ( I need to buy some dark blue also) to make some washcloths and some Peruvian Highland wool to make a felted bag from I am also working on The Premie Project, although it is taking me longer to do it than I expected.:blush:

And I have learned alot just from my lurking here for a while. All of your posts with your FO’s and everything has inspired me to keep at this and not let it go.

Welcome, Debbie!!!

Hi Debbie!

I am a lurker who just came out of lurkdom too. I am very new to knitting and this site has given me so much help and inspiration to keep going. The things the people here make are so beautiful I want to do it too.

I have finished two dishcloths and am working on my third. I am going to pick up some baby yarn this weekend and get started on a square for the preemies too. It will take me awhile to come up with the right dimentions but I really want to figure it out.

Happy Knitting! :XX:


Welcome to the forum Debbie! :waving:

Hello and welcome!

Welcome Debbie!

:cheering: Welcome to the forum Debbie and April!!! :happydance: