Been away awhile, and now here are a Buncha FOs!

I didn’t knit much over the summer, but got going fast once August arrived, and I have a bunch of pics to post, hope that’s ok!

Two of my cousins (they are sisters) are both pg and due w/in two weeks of each other, one expecting a girl, one a boy. These are for themBootie pattern, boy’s hat pattern and girl baby hat pattern. here are mine:

I also knit some mittens from the charts in this pattern (pattern in Finnish) but they ended up too small for my hands (whaaa!) but they look stunning on my daughter, imo.

I’ve also finished some dishcloths, but I think that’s enough pics for one go!

Oh my! Oh my! What an adorable, beautiful collection of FO’s! Thanks for posting them for us to see!!!

Wow!!! What a beautiful bunch of FOs!! LOVE the little girl hat! Gotta make one of those for my DGD!

Wow your on a roll!! Everything looks lovely. Thanks for the pattern links I need to do baby booties and yours look gorgeous!!

Very nice FOs! I especially like the mittens. I am slightly envious of those can do stranded knitting. :woot:

Beautiful work! Everything is gorgeous!

All of them look wonderful, especially the mittens - yummy:inlove:

I like the booties, love the hats but…am in awe of your work on the mittens! Lovely work! I am sure the babies will get lots of use out of the booties and hats!

Alls of them r gorgeous n nice color

Lovely!!! Luck babies and cousins.

lot of cutey things! I love the mittens!!!:heart:

Really adorable booties and hats. The stranded mittens are cute also, are you going to make a pair for yourself now?

I’m sure I’ll make mseylf some sort of stranded mittens, but I’m kinda silly, I rarely knit the same pattern twice (except for dishcloths, and so far Fetching). So I’m looking at other patterns and thinking…I may end up using the co and general idea but make my own chart…I’m thinking about a 4 elements mitten - cuff, then water, then earth, next fire, end with air. We’ll see where I get after all this gift knitting I’m currently into!

Oh, and I do have a pair of mittens I made myself 2 years ago. I just always want MORE! :teehee:

Very, very nice!