Been a while

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post, and I hope you all are well and the New Year thus far has brought nothing but goodness and kindness your way.
My last project that I posted on here was a quick throw. I had planned on making several for Christmas, but just now finished my very first one. It came out okay, although the sides curled up quite a bit. I used cream and deco, and I have to say the colors blended pretty good. I did not put any fringe on it, only at my nephews request. I’ll take some pix and get them up soon. I do have a question though, is there a certain border I can use that would go well with the basic stock. stitch that will prevent the sides from curling? I know I could do just garter, but how many of them should I do at beginning and end? I think the pattern calls for 37 at cast on. Also, anyone tried any different yarn instead of using homespun for this? I have yet to try the YarnBee Fleece Lite, was considering using Wool Eas Thick and Quick next time, but worried about how it washes. Needs to be sturdy as it is for a child. Could you knit this up on a size 35 instead of 50? Just a thought. Maybe might make it more of a tighter knit than loopey. Anyway, any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

For the thick yarn and large needles, you could probably do about 3 sts each edge in garter. Or 3-4 in seed stitch. With the 35s you’d need a few more stitches to get the same width.

Thanks. So would that be included in the 37 sts or in addition to it. For ex. the pattern calls for 37 sts, so would I do 43 sts (37, and then 6 add’l for border) or would I just take the 6 sts for the border from the 37 sts? Would I double the sts of the border for a size 35 needle then? Is that confusing? I hope I’m making sense. I guess it really wouldn’t matter, since it is just for a throw anyway. Just trying to figure it out before I start my next one. Thanks a bunch!!

You can take the stitches out or add them on. As for the gauge, swatch a little and see what you get. You could even try the border on the swatch and see how many stitches it takes to avoid curling. I’m thinking the smaller size needle might take 5 or so, but see how it goes.
If you get it done and don’t like the edge, you could always crochet around it. (I’m always trying to “corrupt” everybody into trying both :D)

Thanks both Becky and Sue! I have yet to learn how to crochet, still in the beginning stages of knitting myself. But, eventually I do want to learn how to crochet and combine the both. I will try and start with 43 sts (37 for pattern and then 6 for border). 50 needles don’t really allow you much room to put a whole lot of sts on, but I think I’ll be able to squeeze them on there. If not, I’ll just take them out of the 37. Good advice on doing the swatch. I’ll have to fool around with it and see what I come up with. Thanks you guys, your advice helps a lot!! :slight_smile:

You may want to start with the 37 sts anyway unless you don’t mind it would be a lot wider. Those 6 extra stitches will probably add about 3-4"