Bee Stitch Pullover & Pinwheel Blanket

For my dear 2 year old daughter:happydance: :

Bee Stitch Pullover
yarn : red heart sport
color : 0001 white
needles : US 5" and 7" straight
pattern :

Pinwheel Blanket
yarn : caron wintuk
colors : 3256 jonquil, 3030 royal, 3261 orange, 3025 baby pink, 3044 nutmeg, 3005 christmas red, 3251 holiday green, 3001 white, 3009 black
needles : US 29" circular
pattern :

Wow!!! The pullover turned out very nice, but that blanket is really eye catching!! Great job on both!

Wow, gorgeous blanket! Pretty pullover, too.

Those are beautiful!!

Wow! Great work. I love the stitch in the pullover.

Wow! Both projects are pretty, but that blanket…WOWSA!!!


Gorgeous work! I especially like the blanket.

:happydance: very pretty!!

The blanket is amazing ! Thanks for the pattern links . I will pu this on my to do list for sure . I hope it comes out just as lovle as yours:)

The little sweater is beautiful in its simplicity. I love the pattern stitch and the fold down neck. This really turned out nicely.

The pinwheel blanket will give baby something to look at. (I assume it is for a little one)

Hey, I went to play the Free Rice work game the other night and noticed they have dropped the number of rice grains you earn per word. I guess it’s the economy. Bummer.

Hey! MerigoldinWA, glad you played the free rice game.That’s wonderful…Thanks!
MerigoldinWA, I’am a great fan of your knitting. I love all the cute, neat and sweet articles you’ve knitted so far.
Glad everyone liked the bee sticth sweater and pinwheel blanket.Thanks everyone!
The blanket was made for my DD’s 2nd birthday to give her example of colors. Now she knows all the colors.

That is a good way to teach all the colors. You have the blanket around a lot and you can talk about them over and over. That’s how they learn.

Oh my, that blanket is something else:passedout: And the pullover is adorable!

I love both of them, good job!

Both r simple and beautiful…thnks for sharing