Bedtime Gnome

My first gnome. Won’t be my last!


I agree. This gnome may have to make appearances all day long and not just at bedtime. Such an adorable one!

Clever people come up with these ideas.
Is Jan still on this site?

Smiles when made and smiles to be enjoyed by others.

It is adorable!!!:clap::clap::heartpulse:

Yes, I am on my sixth one now. They are addictive!!

ResTurtleKnit, welcome to Knitting Help.

@Bluejaygirl5 where can one find the gnome patterns?
Asking for someone else… :wink:

I recognised the style - it’s a Knitting by Post pattern!

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I dug a little further and found their website and searched it for “gnom”
Ta da!


How far up do you sew please?