Bedspread_"Table" knitting project

Ok I think I got a little crazy here. Instead of arm knitting a throw, I “table” knitted a bedspread for my king size bed. I also had some left over jumbo yarn and made a pillow.
I am not sure how I am going to wash this as it is too big to fit in my washing machine. Ooops.
Sorry if the pic are big, i tried to crop them first. Jumbo Bedspread Pillow_Jumbo yarn Table Knitting

Ooooh, it looks lovely and soft. Was it really arm knitting with a table assist or is table knitting something else?
I’ve washed large pieces in the utility sink near the washing machine and then used the machine’s spin cycle for a short time to get rid of excess rinse water. I’ve also used a bathtub to wash something large and then gone to the machine to spin. Let us know how you solve this please.

That’s huge! I love it!