Becoming very interested in cables

I am an inexperienced knitter but already I know I am fascinated by cables. So far I have done several cabled squares for a blanket (still about 40 squares to go) and am now working on a Besotted scarf for my mother. I’m thinking about doing Silver’s Palindrome scarf for my father.

I am most interested in the traditional Saxon/Celtic-type cables from mythology, I guess you could say. I was looking at “Viking Patterns for Knitting” by Elsebeth Lavold on Amazon but don’t know if it’s appropriate for me. I’d hate to buy it and then not be able to knit anything in it. (I order books in English online and can’t see them beforehand)

I wish I knew more about these cables so I could describe them more accurately–what they are, what they meant to the people who invented them.

This is what I mean: Saxon Braid « The Walker Treasury Project

If anyone has knitted something from the Viking pattern book, I’d love to see pictures and hear your thoughts.

haven’t seen that book, so can’t help with that, but here is another source of many very interesting cables. (with charts.)

AnnaT, Artlady1981 is a huge fan of Elsebeth Lavold patterns and she has the books. You can PM her about it.I’m getting hooked on cables too and would really love to get that book later. HTH. Oh, and you can also google her site and see there the patterns that are in the book (if i’m not mistaken).

I also LOVE cables and I just received the book [U]Cables Untangled[/U] by Melissa Leapman. There are lots of projects as well as about 60 pages of different cables, with lots of the type that you like. I highly recommend this book.

I’m a cable lover too. The BW books offer a great range of cables.
Elsebeth Lavold book on Viking cables is has a great range of cables. Many looks similar to the Saxon Braid. Beyond that, it’s also an inspiring starting point for designing your own cables.

Right now I’m working ona sweaterwhich I use cables inspired by Elsebeth’s book.

I found a copy of it in my library. Maybe try there before you commit to buying it.

I have borrowed the book from my local library and it does have a several interesting patterns in it. From what I remember the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

I´m becoming interested in cables too. I have been knitting for almost 2 years now and I´ve only done 1 simple basic cable sweater. I just have to finish this sweater I´m working on right now, to start another with a more complicated cable pattern.

I get jealous when I see all your FO´s in the Watcha Knitting forum. There are titles that say: “Finished my first sweater”. I click thnkink it will be a simple pull over, but instead it´s a beautiful cabled pattern. Like I said I get jealous.

I know how you feel! I am always amazed at what people can do. That’s usually the first place I go when I come on the forum, so I can see what people are knitting. I don’t always comment, though, because if I did, I’d be here all day.

I have Viking cables, and it’s a great book - I love the designs. She’s very clear about her designs and how to do what’s required, and they’re not nearly as difficult as they look (although I keep screwing up, but I think that’s cause I’m not paying attention ;-)). I’m using her Serpentine Braid pattern to make long fingerless gloves, they’re beautiful so far :slight_smile:

I did look up the website for the Viking Project and was just amazed at the beauty of the work. I’ll get the book. Even if my skill level isn’t up to the patterns, I can look at the pictures and use the cable charts for something else.

One review on an list was pretty funny. The reviewer wrote: “The Vikings didn’t knit, but if they had they would have knit like this.” :slight_smile:

Knitgal, thank you for the recommendation! I put ‘Cables Untangled’ in my shopping basket along with the Viking book. :slight_smile: