Becka misses KH!

Becka just emailed me about how much she misses all you KHers. She has been on 99% total bed-rest for a while now, and only able to get on the computer a couple of minutes a day. She hasn’t been to KH because she said she’d be too tempted to stay out of bed longer than is good for her. I thought if there was a :grphug: thread for her, I could tell her to just read that and pinkie swear not to look at anything else.

Tell her we miss her, but ORDER her to take it easy until she is all better.

Sending lots of Hugs & thinking of you EVERY day, Rebecca!!! :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Miss you rebecca! :hug:

Get well soon. :heart: :muah:

I say, move the computer in to where you are on bed rest!!!

:cheering: :cheering:

Yup I’ve been noticing the HUGE ABSENCE that is you Becca!
I was on my back for the holidays, pulled or pinched something and what a lot of pain ugh! Now I have a cold ha ha.
But I’m knitting up a storm… an alpaca chocolate brown SKIRT can ya imagine?

When you feel better… did you ever do that shawl with the yarn we both bought on sale… you got green? Are you able to knit in bed? HOPE YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO COME BACK SOON but just pamper yourself and remember to read FUNNY THINGS.

:hug: Rebecca…I miss seeing you on the board, but you stay in bed and get better. :hug: .We will have alot to visit about when you are able… :teehee: Sissy

I was just thinking about you myself, hoping that you were on vacation!

Be a good girl and get back to us as soon as you’re allowed to!! :muah: :muah: :muah:

Becca, feel better soon :heart: :muah: :hug:

Get well soon! :hug:

I was just wondering where you were. I hope you feel better soon. :hug:

:hug: We miss you bunches and bunches and I hope you get better really really soon and can come back to us!

I was just thinking about you too, Rebecca! Hope you are feeling better real, real soon! :hug:

I visited your blog yesterday just hoping it would say you were better and back :verysad:

KH is not the same without you! PinkD and I really miss having you around. Praying you are MUCH better SOON!!!


Mama Bear

:hug: :heart: :hug: :heart: so you can come back an emoticon us like crazy. :hug: :heart: :hug: feel better soon

Thank you! I sent Becka a link to this thread, so when she has a second to get on, she’ll get the good wishes from you all.

:hug: Becka, sorry to read that you are still on bed rest… I hope you feel better soon and do as the dr says!! :heart: :hug: :heart:

Get better soon so you can get back to us!!! :muah: :hug: :grphug:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

We miss you Becka!!!

:hug: :hug: :hug:

I hope you feel better VERY VERY VERY soon.

(Oh, and I knitted the YARN GIRL washcloth from your site! It turned out great - I’ll post a pattern when I find the cable for my camera. Lovely job on the pattern! I can’t wait to try the Leaves of Whimsy socks.)