beautiful unknown pattern 😊

Hello ! I would like my mum to knit me a scarf, so i went to buy wool. In the shop, next to the wool i bought, was a sample knitted with this precise wool. I liked it very much and took a picture of it. But my mum told me she doesn’t know this pattern. I’m posting the pictures i took. Does anybody know what this pattern is and how to do it ? That would be very helpful ! I really love it and would be very happy to have a scarf like that. Many thanks in advance for your help!

Welcome to KH!
It looks like stockinette stitch, alternating knit and purl rows with maybe a slip stitch border. You can certainly consult the yarn shop especially having bought the yarn already. They may even have a written pattern for exactly that sample. Since stockinette has a tendency to curl, you might also ask what they did to counteract the curl.
Looks like lovely soft, thick yarn.

It looks like stockinette to me. The way some yarns are plied causes the V to be tilted.