Beautiful silk yarn needs a project!


I read the forums all the time and decided to finally jump in and ask for some assistance, if that’s ok?

A wonderful friend is experimenting with hand dying some yarn and she sent me some gorgeous light worsted weight 100% silk yarn to knit. I’m a relatively new knitter and though I’ve looked and looked, I can’t seem to find the perfect item to knit with it! It’s so soft and silky that I would like to have something to wear close to my skin, but I only have about 250 yds of it. I’m thinking a simple lacey scarf is going to be my best bet, but I thought I would toss this request out there to see if any knitting experts could come up with something specific.

Thanks so much in advance!

How about some lingerie?

Or a silk tie?

Or a frilly collar?

Thank you Shandeh for the links!

I don’t think lingerie will work for me, as I’m not a tiny girl and I think that bra might just get lost on my chest, hee! The Zaftig pattern is very cool, but I would probably only want to wear that in my house with the shades drawn, so as not to scare the neighbors :slight_smile:

I guess I’m probably going to have to stick with a decorative type scarf? I was thinking perhaps this pattern might work:

I think my yarn is similar to the silky wool shown in the green scarf, so it would probably work well with that pattern. I am pretty new though, so I might be completely insane to even think about trying that scarf!

I think the scarf is a PERFECT project! :happydance:

OMG Shanda!

I would have never thought about making lingerie. What a wonderful idea.