Beautiful scarf

Hi there!
I would love to knit this scarf but can’t find the pattern.
Any ideas on how to go about it. It looks to me like its an all knit

Sorry … forgot the attachment.
Here is the scarf I am speaking of. :slight_smile:

Now I see a picture! :teehee: It looks like a k1, p1 rib to me. Maybe it’s knitted to the desired length and the ends joined to make a cowl/infinity scarf/moebius type.

There are scads of scarves posted at Ravelry and various other places online. With nothing more to go on than it’s beautiful and looks like all knits, that’s the best help I can offer.

Ahh! I know, I love it and wish I could find the pattern.
Do you think the yarn used looks like it could be yarn used to make baby items?

Maybe I’ll just wing it and cast on how many sts and just knit and knit until it looks big enough.

When I see the depth and squichiness that this scarf has, I immediately think, brioche stitch. Not hard to do and lovely knit fabric.

It looks like worsted weight yarn to me. The stitch pattern may be a bit more complicated than k1,p1. I’ve not done fisherman’s rib but that might be what it is.

If I wanted to make one I would think about how wide I wanted it to be and how many stitches to cast on. I’d use a provisional cast on so I could Kitchener stitch the ends together rather than seaming. I’d decide how long to make it and at the end twist it or not before grafting. If it’s what I think it is you shouldn’t need a real pattern, just a plan. I’m guessing it’s about 14" wide.