Beautiful scarf/wrap!

Have you seen this?! Gorgeous!

I just looked at that about 15 minutes ago – I love it.

But can you imagine how much it would cost to make out of the Kidsilk? That’s about $13 a skein and I counted 10 colors in that scarf.

But dreamy it is! :inlove:

Yeah, if I do it I’m afraid I’ll have to use something else. :think:

That scarf/wrap is beautiful. :inlove:

the new ‘issue’ of knitting daily just posted the actual amount of yarn needed for each color. The actual amounts of each color are relatively small and can make the actual expense of this project less and the choices of yarn larger.

[B]I know , it must cost a lot to make that. That’s why when I see a pattern, I try to make sure I can use the yarn I have.[/B]

That’s cool, but you’d still have to buy a whole skein wouldn’t you? I wonder if it would work some other type of yarn…I’m not a fan of mohair anyway… :think:

Yeah you would probably still have to buy a skein of each yarn but i don’t think you would have to buy more than one of any, unless your yardage was REALLY short. You could probably buy something soft and smooshy from KP even for it.

[B]Sample scarf weighs: 2.7 oz/78 g[/B]

Total yardage: About 826 yd/755 m

Color A: (lime green) 94 yd/86 m

Color B: (orange) 94 yd/86 m

Color C: (rose) 98 yd/90 m

Color D: (lavender) 112 yd/102 m

Color E: (medium blue) 105 yd/96 m

Color F: (gold) 89 yd/81 m

Color G: (pale blue) 72 yd/66 m

Color H: (dark red) 72 yd/66 m

Color I: (grey) 90 yd/82 m

Just GORGEOUS! :muah: Must…resist…temptation…to plan for another project!

This might be made more affordable if a couple of friends wanted to go in on the total yarn purchase and make one for themselves sharing the yarn, if there’s enough on each skein for each color to do so.

That is beautiful. I haven’t downloaded the pattern yet but it looks like ALOT of seaming (I’m assuming those are individual squares).

I haven’t looked at the pattern yet, either, but I was assuming after the first square, the next one has you picking up stitches so they are all attached, no additional seeming.

You are right – I just looked at the pattern and it’s all pick up and knit.

That yardage chart is great! If you don’t have yarn you’d still have buy full skeins, but it’s very helpful!

And yes, I think it doesn’t have seams! Whew! :teehee:

I love that pattern! 9 balls of Kidsilk Haze is far out of my budget, though…I’m shopping around for much cheaper yarns. I’m wondering what kind of look the scarf would have in Knitpicks palette?

I was looking at the fingering yarn in KP, too. It would be about half the price or more!

you don’t have to seam all the squares-- you pick up stitches from adjoining squares. You will have to weave in the yarn ends though with the change in color.

ooh look… you could go to Sarah’s Yarns and get this Kid Mohair Silk in the natural colorway in 25 gram increments (which is 325 yards) for $6 each and then dye it to the colors you want.

now i don’t know anything about dying so i can’t be held responsible for what is probably a really bad idea but still…lol. it SOUNDS plausible in my head anyway. :wink:

(my real initial thought was buying cones of yarns and y’all who want to make this going in on it together and then splitting up all the cones etc… the cost was super cheap to do it that way but i wouldn’t want to be the one winding off all that yarn, even with a yarn winder…lol)

Ohhh :inlove:

Thank you!

A few days ago I made three of the first blocks. I used wool yarn. The blocks are easy to do but I didn’t like how it looked in the wool. Plus it has a “private” side to it so you’d have to be sure the “public” side is the side that shows when wearing it.

I ripped it out and may try it again when I buy a nicer yarn…something softer than the wool I tried.

Oooh [B]Quiltlady[/B], thank you for that update! I was going to come in here and holler :lol: at [B]Jan[/B] for getting me all riled up to knit this, hee. After she mentioned perhaps using another type of yarn from KP, I went crazy searching online this weekend, and came up with a couple colorways out of some other yarns. The biggest problem is finding something that has 9 shades that look nice together that I can afford without being forced to live in a van down by the river!! I [I]think[/I] you could do it in the Peruvian Highland Silk fingering weight or the PH superwash wool fingering weight at elann. Or perhaps a mix of the two? I’m really liking [B]brendajo’s[/B] idea of the silk mohair at sarah’s yarns, but you have to dye that with real dye, not kool-aid, right? I’m not that advanced yet :oops:

I was wondering if not doing it in a mohair blend would look strange. Do you think it needs to have that halo effect? I’ve never worked with a lace weight mohair before and aside from being scared to death of it, I think that stuff is itchy :teehee: Honestly, I always feel up all the yarn at my LYS’s and I’ve wanted to buy some mohair to do the Wisp pattern on knitty but everytime I touch it I get the heebie jeebies, hee.

Does anyone have any other suggestioins, because I think I’ve now convinced myself that I neeeeeeed to knit this.