Beautiful Embroidered & Embellished Knits

This book must be the best kept secret of the knitting world, because I can’t find any good photos online of the beautiful projects inside.

I just bought it yesterday at AC Moore, and I think it’s my favorite knitting book now!

I have scanned some of the photos here, just to show you how beautiful the sweater designs in the book are. There are also designs for hats, scarves, purses, and home projects.

You can use the knitting patterns enclosed to make the items, and then embellish them according to the directions, OR you can purchase ready-made sweaters to make it quicker. I, of course, will be knitting the items! The patterns are great!

And this is right up my alley. Embellished with embroidery and beads, the designs come to life. :slight_smile:

ooohhh… i love the pink tank :heart:

My favorite right now is the red sweater…although I would make mine a different color - more earth tones. :heart: