Beautiful car seat blanket

Another shower gift complete for my dil’s sister. This is a half/carseat blanket.
This was a snap to do and I think the pattern is a beautiful one. It is done on a double stand of Bernat Satin in banana.

Oh that is so nice. I can picture it laying on the top of the car seat with a little newborn. Great job! Keep up the good work.

I love the stitch pattern! It just looks so soft and lovely. Great job.

That’s really pretty x

Oooooohhhhhh, that stitch pattern is so pretty!!! :inlove:

She is going to love it!

Thanks, everyone. This is a nice easy pattern for someone that is pattern challenged like myself. It gave me confidence to try something a little more difficult from time to time.

Very pretty!! She will love it…:happydance:

very pretty! I hated using big ol’ blankets for the car seat! Nice work! And it will be good for on the go when baby gets bigger too, so the blanket won’t hang down and get under stroller wheels/drag on the ground…hate that too!

That is so pretty, love the color. pattern? Thanks.

Just lovely!! Where can I find that pattern, or did you do it?

:roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard: :rofl: Oh, sorry, momentary hysterical laughter at me making a pattern up. Here is the link to the pattern. This is a quick knit, easy even for a beginner as long as they understand a few simple procedures, like ssk, k2tog and yo. She also provides you a pattern to make this full size if you wish and don’t want to figure it out yourself. look under her free patterns then at the baby blanket section. It is the “Logan’s baby blanket”

That is so pretty and looks like just the thing to keep a newborn cozy in the car!

Nice job, that should keep the cold out in style.

its very pretty. i love the lace work

So pretty! Did you use a pattern? Love the pattern.

What a beautiful little blanket!

Thanks for the link, she has a few cute baby things.

That is VERY nice! What a lucky woman to have you for a friend!

Thanks for the link also.

I’m with you, the pattern is really beautiful:cheering: ! I’m sure it will be cherished for a long time!

Very pretty! thanks for sharing the pattern …