Beautiful (albeit frustrating) pattern quandry

This is my first post here, so hi and hello!

I am by no means a professional knitter, but I’ve been knitting for years and have mastered all necessary, basic techniques. That said, this pattern I’ve found is absolutely beyond me in many (most) ways. I suppose I should first say that it isn’t a ‘pattern’ so much as it is a photo of a sweater that I’d be happy to shell out $158 for were I not a relatively sane woman. Here is a link to the actual sweater, and below I have included a number of detail photos of the particular part of the pattern that interests me.

Any helpful clues as to how one might recreate this look (the zig-zag portion) would be endlessly appreciated. All attempts on my part have proven pathetically fruitless and eventually unraveled!

Thanks in advance for all help given!

1st of all, welcome to KH!

I am certainly not a master knitter or anything of the sort, but it looks like I cord over dropped sts to me.

Yeah, those zigs and zags don’t look connected to the fiber they lay on. Could this be some sort of cable pattern that you work from side to side rather than bottom up or top down?

Welcome to KH. This is a GREAT place to sit and knit and it’s an invaluable learning resource.