Beautiful Afghan Pattern doesn't make sense?

Hi All - I have tried 3 days in a row to figure out how to send a thread -hope this one works!

Good morning - I am beside myself trying to figure out this new pattern. I have knitted several intermediate afghans so I am not new to knitting but this one has got me. It is called Eyelet Lace Afghan by Shari Haux. The basic first eight rows standard knit for edging. Finally could start the pattern, the first row got me!! It says “rep from * to last 11 sts” BUT it doesn’t make sense. if you need 6 stitches for the border (you will continue that throughout the blanked on both edges, that leaves 5 stitches BUT the instructions are yo (that is 1 stitch), SSK (that is 2 stitches),k1 ( 1 stitch), k2tog (2 stitches), yo (1 stitch). that is a total of 7 stitches plus 6 for edging is 13 stitches. It is not mathematically possible! And, to boot - row 3 says rep to last 11 st. but it requires 14 stitches if you follow the pattern. I have never been so unable to figure out a pattern and hope someone can give me advice. Thank you kindly

Welcome! Can you give us a link to the pattern? Also the name.

Oh my gosh - I am so excited to hear from someone! Here is the link to the blanket! :slight_smile:

Yarn overs don’t use a stitch, remember? They’re just a turn of yarn around the needles.

So…SSK, that’s two stitches, knit 1, that’s one more, and k2tog, that’s five. That and six stitches make up your 11. The two yarn overs balance out the two decreases and make the eyelets.

oh my gosh!!! I even Googled YO and it clearly showed creating a stitch (w/YO)… I guess I took it too literally with this pattern! I wish I could tell you how much I appreciate your help! I was in tears last weekend because I was SO excited and then crashed when I couldn’t figure it out! LOL. Thank you, thank you!! I will start the row over - can’t wait! :slight_smile:

oh dear god.

yet ANOTHER free pattern place for me to browse through.

CA, isn’t this a great board?