I’m addicted to knitting bears :frowning:

Oh my…they are adorable!! :inlove:

Oh, please, those could not be sweeter. Do you have a favorite pattern and yarn? They really are too cute.

These are my own designs. I love faux fur of any kind, you should see my stash lol!

They are adorable!

This answers the question, “What is this yarn good for?” They look great and lovable.

Very cute! What do you do with all of them? Do you donate them to children’s charities? Or sell them? Or give them to family members?

I would imagine that an addiction like this would mean you eventually run out of room to store them (that is, if you keep every one you make).

And what a great use for fun fur–yeah, FUR!! :slight_smile:

Awww, cute. Love 'em!

Thank you, yes this yarn is useful for something lol!

I don’t knit so many these days, I mainly design bears of all different shapes and sizes. Also puppy dogs and I’ve done a kitten too, oh and a bunny, that was for my grandson for Easter last year.

I tend to give whatever samples I’ve been working on away, to friends in need of a hug. Hence the name Huggable Bears :stuck_out_tongue: That’s how I started designing bears, a dear friend was in need of a hug and she was too far away for me to give her one, so I knitted her a bear lol!

What a lovely idea! You are indeed a good friend. The knitting and shapes of the bears are wonderful but the expression on the faces is perfection. It’s a great obsession.

Ahhh! but I don’t create the expressions, they create themselves, each one is different, not matter how hard I try to do one the same lol!


Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

How cute! :heart: Bears of many colors and textures. That first one is so hairy I think he crossed with a gorilla. :lol: Adorable.

So cute! I love them all.

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Well done!

Very, very wonderful! they all look marvelous! How clever of you, I hope you sell the pattern somewhere, someday…

I know the feeling…one year when I was feeling very down cuz my last child (of 3) left home for university too…I made at least a dozen sausage dogs, using a sewing machine and plaid fabric. When my DD came home to visit at Christmas, she snagged a few for friends at college. Before long, they were all given away, and I started to make another one (just so’s I could have one to remember)…and when she saw at Easter that I was still making these, she said:“Mom, I’m beginning to seriously worry about you - you should get out more”. LOL

and yes, each face came out different.

Excellent work these are the cutest bears and I think you can see how everyone loves them, you sure have a talent for them. Toys are hard, I tried my hand at a pig and a doll and they werent easy and well the doll was UGLY the pig so so, not everyone has a hand to create these, but you sure do.

I’m in love. They are absolutely gorgeous! Perfect, actually.

What a sweet, sweet addiction! Your bears are awesome!