I have been trying to knit this bear for years (yes ) at less a year and a half or more.
I have put it down and picked it up again and again… I can not give it up!!! :XX:
and now I have Thank you!!! Even if you can help me, Or not I am just glad :cheering: you are here…

Once again I am blocked at the same point in the pattern…

The pattern is in The Knitted Teddy Bear By Sandra Polley. The bear name is Ralph page 57 .
The body and the head starting at :

The end of row 8 their are 26 st (I did that right)

Row 9 Inc 1st at end of row St st 11 rows (ending on a P row) What exactly is this saying? ( every other?)

Row 21 Dec 1 st at beg of row and each following alt row until [color=red]23 st [/color].
I am not getting 23st.

For the increases, you increase ‘every other row?’ That means to decrease on one row, knit straight on the next. Since you’re working in stockinette stitch, you can increase on every knit row 11 times.

For the decreases, you also decrease every other row (so every knit side)
UNTIL you’re down to 23 stitches.



Thanks for the help :happydance:,

I give will this a try. I’m not giving up just taking a moment to re-think :?? ,
and going at it again :XX: .

Once again Thanks


Hi Charo,
I have this book and have made this bear (see a pic of mine in the Whatcha’ Knitting forum - topic is labeled FO: Critters). The head on mine came out a little small (he looks a bit more like a mouse than a bear), but here’s how I interpreted the instructions you mentioned:

Row 9 is a Purl row, so purl to the end and increase in the last stitch on the row, leaving you with 27 stitches. Then knit 11 rows straight with no increasing (it doesn’t say to), which would be rows 10 through 20. Row 20 would be a knit row since odds are purl, evens are knit.

Then on 21 (a purl row), decrease one at the beginning. Now you’re back to 26 st. Continue decreasing one st at the beginning of each purl row until you get to row 28 (a knit row). So if you decrease on the odd rows (23, 25, 27) you’d have (25, 24, 23) st on the needle.

Does that make sense? Hope it helps!
P.S. I love this book and have made Robert, Ralph, and a bunch of Snowflakes! Am thinking about Sleepy Sam at some point…


I love your Critter! :heart:

Yes it make sense :thumbsup: . But my even rows are purl and odd rows are knit. Maybe that’s where I am going wrong :wall: Well it’s that time again to :frog: But that’s ok it helps me to get to the next step :smiley: .

This is my third time trying to reply, for some reason I lost them.

Thanks again :smiley:


Hi Charo,
The info I gave you was for side B of the body and head, and I’m guessing you’re doing side A. I should have looked at the pattern and your question more carefully. :oops:

For A, you start with a K row after cast on, so odd rows are K and even rows are P.

The opposite is true for side B. You start with P row so odds are P and evens are K.

Sounds like you’re on track anyway! Good luck!