Bear Sweater

I made this sweater as a gift for my 6-month-old grand-niece (I’m much younger than that makes me sound!), but decided to put it on this burlap bear that sits in my back hallway just to see how it looked 3-dimensionally. Well, I had to make a different sweater for my niece since my husband and I loved this sweater on the bear. The bear was a gift to my husband from his mother shortly before she passed away a few years back. It had been hers for many years and my husband always wanted it, so she gave it to him for Christmas just a few months before she died.

I got the pattern and the wool in a shop in Camden, Maine while vacationing there this summer. The pattern is by Silver Creek Classics (#C-441) and is titled “Toddler’s Cable Yoke Guernsey Pullover”. The yarn is a brand I’ve not seen since that shop in Maine. It is called Sisik by Dalegarn ( made of 30% wool, 30% mohair, 34% acrylic, 6% viscose. Very soft and pretty. It’s handwash/dry flat, so probably not the most practical choice for a child’s sweater anyway!

BTW…this is the sweater I made for my grand-niece after I couldn’t part with the red one. It was made with two strands of Knit One Crochet Too Fleece (one orange, one yellow) – very soft and it is machine washable. Only needed on skein of each. The pattern was from a local knitting store here in NJ, so I probably can’t share it without permission.

Made on size 11 needles with the two strands of yarn makes it VERY fast to do. I completed it in about two days time. It has no button holes since the loose knit is easy to button in anywhere. I made the buttons removable for easier washing. They are wooden buttons and I didn’t want them to get ruined or snag on anything in the machine. I just attached a regular round button to the decorative one and buttoned it on the sweater.

Both sweaters look great! I love the bear. I think he probably would look naked now if you took his sweater off! How thoughtful of you to do the buttons on your niece’s sweater that way. I’m sure her mom loves you for it!

Thanks Margie! The bear used to just wear a ribbon around his neck and a pair of little mittens I made to practice the technique. The sweater is a big improvement! My niece-in-law (the grand-niece’s mother) LOVES the sweater and really wants to learn to knit (rather ambitious for someone with a 6-month-old baby!). She lives in CO and I’m in NJ, so I gave her some yarn, a spare pair of needles, and a post-it note that says “

Those look great! I love that orange sweater… It looks sooo soft! And cute buttons, too! :thumbsup:

Those both look wonderful! And the orange one looks soooo cozy. :heart: