Bear pattern

Looking for a pattern for a bear toy and a sweater to match for a 3 year old. I would like to make this for my grandsons birthday. He is going to turn 2. If not a bear maybe another animal with a toy and sweater to match.
Would of course love to find it in the free patterns somewhere if possible. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is a bear pattern I am using right now:

Some other animals:

I don’t know about the sweater but I hope that can help. I have other free ones too if you want more of an option.

Thanks for the reply and the bear pattern. That seems to be the problem…Not getting the bear pattern but getting a pattern for a sweater with a bear on it.
thanks again tho

Bear with jacket.
Great boy doll here with clothes.

Not Free.
Dog with clothes.’s%20Puppy.htm
Some amazing toys here with clothes, suitable for boy.

Thanks…very cute bear with the jacket.

Just wish someone could tell me where I could get the sweater for a little boy with bears on it.

Ohh LOL, I see now. The Sweater is for the child, not the teddy.:doh:

You could make up your own pattern. grab a suitable sweater pattern and put a bear on it.
Lots free patterns here.
Some bear charts here that may be suitable.

Yeah!!! thanks…I think I have found something that I can work with…
I really appreciate your help