Bear Grass flowers should close pattern

I don’t understand the gusset directions about adding stitches at the beginning of the pattern needle 2. The picked up stitches on needles 1&3. Has anyone turned a heel like this? Please advise!
This pattern in Love of Knitting Spring 2013

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Very pretty socks. Would you quote just a line or two from the pattern? Not a large part because of copyright problems but a row or 2 is ok.

For 12 rows add p1 to the beg of needle 2. The problem I’m having is needle 2 is the pattern. Pick up 27 sts along heel flap needle 1, work pattern needle 2(33 instep sits), pick up 17 opposite side heel flap, knit across 9 heel sets ( needle 3) place rem 9 heel sits on needle 1. Adding a pull to needle 1 will interfere with my pattern?

Just to be clear, the purl stitch is add to needle 2 or needle 1?
Does the pattern really pick up 27sts on one side of the heel flap and 17sts on the other?

In general don’t let the added sts interrupt the pattern. Keep them as purl sts unless the pattern indicates that you should take them into the pattern. I have to admit that I don’t see these increased sts in the photos.

Remember too, that you can always contact the designer on Ravelry. It is a paid pattern after all.

I got it! Thanks for replying to me earlier.