Bear Claw Scarfette

I would like to try this scarf and started tonight, but I have a few questions. :aww: ( pattern )

When you´re knitting lace, does it usually start off way narrower than the finished product and it changes with blocking? Mine started off about 4 inches wide…

My other question is this: the directions say “all sts on the WS are worked as they appear: K the knit sts and P the purl sts”. OK, got that, but what about the yarn overs? Do they count as a knit?

I´d appreciate any help! Thanks!


Yes, lace sometimes requires blocking to lie flat/open. With a small feather and fan scarf I did no blocking was required; however, with the hemlock doily blocking was required (that is just the nature of the knitting beast [insert evil laugh at your discretion]).

I believe the yarn overs might be worked as purled stitches from glancing at the pattern, but someone with better lace making understanding would be more able to help you with that question. Nice pattern by the way. :slight_smile: