Bear blanket pattern? does it exist?

You know those adorable mini blankets with a bear head (or giraffe or other such animal) in the middle…does anyone know of such a thing that could be knitted?


Can’t find knit ones (i think i remember the ones you mean though), but how about crochet? I think these could be done similar in knitting.

Kitties and Bears

otherwise you coud put animal head picture from graph on plain blanket.

This one is large …perhaps you could scale it down. It is the Fall '05 issue of knit.1 magazine. The You can’t really see it well in this picture. Heck who needs the bear when you have him. :slight_smile:

Someone on the KAL area was talking about a pattern that sounds like what you want. I think it’s a bunny, but just the ears would change. It’s at Lion Brand. Good luck! samm

Here is the link to the bunny pattern.

Here is the link to the KAL on it.

I think the ears would be fairly easy to change. Hope this helps, or you find something even better.

could you take the head protion of the animal slippers (see links) and put them onto a small blanket of your choice? make it all match in color somehow to tie it together.

the bunny pattern is the sort of thing I was looking for! THANK YOU!!! I could definitely change the ears (based on the slipper patterns)…or just make a bunny =)

I’m so happy that you all are such good resources! Thank you.