Beanies on circulars

ok i have been knitting beanies on straight needles. my seams are really ugly and i would like to try them on circulars. now what or where is a really easy simple pattern for beanies on circulars. also when it says to join. how do i do that?do you auotmatically join when you start knitting? do you mark the begining with a marker? thanks cindy

I am sorry I can’t help you with the pattern but when you are knitting on circular needles, I find it easier for me to keep track of the beginning of my rows by placing some type of marker before the first stitch of the row ( i.e small piece of contrasting yarn, saftey pin, smal plastic ring etc.)

When it says to join , you are continuing to knit in the next stitch ( you may want to pull yarn a little extra tight between the last stitch of the last row you worked and the first stitch of the next row you are going to work ) so you don’t have a hole in your finished work.
Also, when knitting on circular needles , when you are knitting something like a hat or skirt, after you have chained the requires sts. be extra careful that your yarn does not twist when you are joining or you will end up like me having to take it all down and start over again.

I hope this helps sorry if my explaination is confusing. I am sure someone will come and explain it better. Happy knitting.

thank you, thats what i thought but wasnt sure. the next beanie i start i will try.

Here’s an easy pattern for a beanie hat.

ohh cool, I like that hat. I will have to make one after I finish my girls skirts! when you mentioned beanie I was thinking the toys,lol. Do you think I could make one out of worsted weight yarn also I noticed the pattern calls for bulky.Thanks for posting the link and sorry for interupting your thread.

yes i saw that link right before she posted it and i must have been half asleep when i first saw it. i was thinking darn i can’t do that and then i looked at it again after my first cup of coffee and it looked better. lol i will be trying it soon. thanks for the link and you are not interupting the thread. lol i really love this forum. i was looking at all the finished works and i’m so inspired and excited by them.

I’ve posted this before but it really gives an amazing invisible join, where I find all the other ways give you a messy visible join.

Hold the first cast-on stitch next to the last stitch. They are going to switch places - each going to the other needle, one stitch going THROUGH the other stitch (crochet hook very useful here), ending up on the opposite needle to where it started.
Also, you know how with the first stitch-a slipknot- you pull on one end to tighten the knot, and one to loosen the knot? Make sure that the short tail tightens the knot, and pulling on the end going to the ball LOOSENS the knot, not the other way round.
Then you can pull on that end to tighten the join. When I weave in that first end, if I haven’t knitted it in from the start, I like to mimic the cast-on stitches.

Good hat patterns in the free patterns section of