Beanie hat

Is there a way to knit a beanie hat on stright needles? My daughter brought me some yarn that she liked at joanns and said"please pretty please knit me a beanie hat" I of course said ok and than when she left I said" what did I just get myself into I am just a beginner" Help:doh:
The yarn that she brought from Joanns is from lion brand-Homespun in Barrington. Thanks

Hiya knit3,
There sure is and it’s right here on this site. It’s the blue VW beanie that you see on the pattern page. Just click the “patterns” tab at the top of the page and it’ll be the blue hat on the right side. You could leave out the vw part and just knit it one color. It’s knit on straight needles so no worries bout the round n round thing.:thumbsup: :x:

Hey just wanted to say thanks again. I just love this site.

However you do it, use large needles with that yarn. Anything less than 10.5s is really difficult. Adjust the number of stitches you cast on, 60 ought to be about right.