Beanie Cap situation

How do you make a beanie cap? I have what I need but dont know how to use it.Just to make sure I have connected knitting needles and lots of yarn.Please reply if you do know how.


So you are going to knit in the round? Do you want just a simple hat…ribbed bottom and stockinette top? What yarn weight do you have? More info helps us help you.

I got this London Beanie pattern at Ravelry and it was very easy to do. Everyone is wanting one. My DH is getting the one that is OTN now. :slight_smile:

yep.But um what do those words mean?

oh yea i forgot to say what do you mean by weight of yarn

What words? Ribbed and Stockinette? Look on the tips page under Basic stitches. Rib stitch is alternating knits and purl on the same row, stockinette stitch is alternating a row of knit with a row of purl. Weight of yarn refers to how thick it is, medium is also called worsted and a lot of yarn has a 4 on the label. Bulky is thick and will have a 5 or 6 on the label; thinner yarn can be sport or baby weight and have a 3 on the label.

When you post, you really do need to be more specific in what you ask; the more information we have, the more answers you’ll get.

Beanies are usually knit in the round. Meaning they are made in a tube where you keep making stitches around on a circular needle. If you have never knit before I’d start with flat knitting. Meaning you work across a row, flip your work, & continue. This makes a flat piece (not a tube.)

Yarn comes in different thicknesses. Thicker yarn needs bigger needles. Thin yarn, smaller ones. The yarn itself will have a recommended gauge listed. Something like-16st=4" on #8 needles. A good starter size would be between #7-#9 needles with a worsted weight yarn. In a light color (so you can see the stitches) & with a yarn that is easy to work with like acrylic or wool/acrylic blend.

Thanks I understand this finally.But does working one inch of K1P1 rib mean I just knitt one stitch then purl one stitch? Also, how would I increase 8 stitches evenly around while doing this K1P1 rib?
Here is what my instructions say:

Cast on 72 stitches and join into a circle [that I did]. Work one inch of K1P1 rib,then increase 8 stitches evenly around.Work in stockinette until total length is about 4 1/2 to 5 inches.Add contrast stripes if wanted[that I would like to do but dont know how to].


Decrease round: k 8, k2tog around.
K 3 rounds.
Decrease round: k 7, k2tog around.
K 2 rounds.[64sts]
Continue decreases as above, and finish off cap as described.

What does the crown shaping part mean?
I know what the k 3/k2 rounds mean,but not the decreases.

Do knit 1 purl 1 around and around for one inch. Then increase by knit 8, knit front and back of the next st (look at the Increase videos) around for one row. Then just knit until it’s about 5" from where you started. At that point you need to decrease the sts by knitting 2 together as if they were one stitch. That’s to make the top of the hat curve instead of being straight across.

What do you mean as in knit 1 purl 1around and around?

Put a marker on the needles when you join, that will mark the beginning of your round, which is like a row, but you’re going to knit around the needles. Starting at the marker, alternate knit 1 stitch, purl 1 stitch until you get to the marker again. Then repeat until the knitting is an inch long.

I think it might be best for Addey to learn to knit stitches before she jumps into a form of knitting that has to be extremely confusing for a beginner. I highly recommend the instructional videos on this site and many others, as well as the veritable buffet of knitting videos on YouTube. Practicing swatches of your stitches and actually learning something about the craft might help mightily before jumping feet first into knitting in the round before you even know a ribbing stitch.

I hope you’ll keep us posted on your project. :wink:

She says she has some experience knitting and purling on squares and scarves. So I think it’s just a mattern of taking the next step.

But it would be a good idea to watch the video on ribbing, then the one on knitting in the round and practice each of them before trying to put them together.

I am getting better. I have also finished my scarf I was making and it looks pretty good for the first scarf I have ever made.But I just found out I’ve been purling instead of knitting,so I’m going to be practicing the knit stitch some. At least I’ve mastered the purl stitch.They’re both quite simple so I think I’ll do alright. I started my little beanie and it looks pretty good but I’m afraid I made a few mistakes on working an inch of K1P1 so I’m going to start over, luckily I have a whole week of nonstop knitting.Also I had a question can I make a scarf using my round needles because the only needles I have are a size 13 and are extremely large compared to the yarn size I have while my round needles are just the right size for my yarn.

Yes, you can make a scarf on a circular needle. Just use it as a straight needle, don’t join to work in the round, but turn and work the rows like you do on a flat piece. At the end of the row exchange the ends of the circular in your hands, putting the one in your left hand into your right hand and vise versa.

Yes, you can knit flat on circular needles. Just turn at the end of a row like you do with straight needles.

Thanks! Now my scarf will look right!

For the beanie cap now that I’m starting over my instructions say I have to work an inch of K1P1 rib,so does that just mean that I should just keep on ribbing until the measure of length is 1 inch?


I’ve started over now and It looks great! Its very simple now that I know how to do all this. But I still may need some help because the last instruction is a little confusing.Once I get there I’ll ask for some help.