Hi. I want to hang beads off the ends of a scarf, but don’t want to use metal posts. Any suggestions?

Can’t you just tie them on some yarn?

Hi Jen!

I love knitting with beads! Is your scarf already knitted? You can do a beaded fringe; a corkkscrew fringe might look REALLY nice., or if you’re using very large beads, a regular fringe, with one bead dangling.

If you scarf isn’t knitted already, try this:
Slide your beads on the yarn. CO1, slide 5 beads, CO 1 repeat until you have as many CO stitches as you want… on the next row, K1,* slide 4 beads, K1*, until the end of the row… next row, you’d slid beads, next row slide 2, next row slide 1… then you’ll end up with kind of a scalloped edge of beads. You could also do 7 beads on the Co row, then 5, 3, and 1. Experiment!