I’m making a chart of information on beads for my knitting reference. I’d like to include size 3/0 seed beads, but I’m having a hard time finding out one piece of information.

From what I’ve found, size 3/0 beads are 5.5mm across. What I’d like to know is approximately how much there are in a 20g measurement. All I can find is that there are 125 beads in a 20" strand, which doesn’t help for how many there are in a weight measurement. Anybody know this?

I was going to post this question in the “general” forum because it’s for my knitting reference, but since it didn’t related to knitting exactly, I thought maybe I’d start by posting here.


i honestly can’t remember i haven’t done any bead work in for ever


I’d suggest either eyeballing it (you can always go back for more) or asking someone at the store. Maybe checking the manufacturer’s website?

Hiya Cooks

Seed beads over here are usually sizes 11/0 smaller and 8/0 bigger. (Just like the old UK measurements for knitting needles.)

They’re usually sold in 10gm or 100 gm packets.

Anyway, try this US site:

Look on the navigation bars at the top of screen and you’ll see ‘Ask the Experts’.

They should be able to help because I think they just about sell every bead known to beader and knitter!

Good Luck