Beading question

Good morning. I am knitting a shawl from the Holiday 2003 Vogue Knitting International book. Each end is beaded. My question is this. I started out with the first row bead one knit one all the way, then the second row I purled all the way. It did not say specifically to do that but it says to k on right side p on wrong side. Third row is knit between the beads, forth row is purl all the way. Fifth row is knit between the beads, sixth row is purl all the way, seventh row is knit all the way. Next row is a beading row again and if I follow the chart I will be purling between the beads. Does that sound right that it should change from knit to purl or do you think I should have knitted the 2nd row instead of purl. This would make it turn out to where you will be knitting between the beads on the eighth row instead of purl.

First and always with VK patterns, check the website for errata. Then, does the picture look like stockinette st with the beads on the RS? If so, take a look at the chart or the rest of the pattern/beading instructions and see if perhaps you should purl row 8 and bead on row 9.
What is the pattern number and name?

The pattern number is 2 and the name is Beaded Scarf. In the picture the bumps are on the back side.

I think this is it. You have a choice: purl row 8 and bead row 9 or add the beads on the purl row (row 8). The scarf looks like the beading is done by placing each bead onto a stitch as you come to it which keeps the beads to the front. You could do this on a purl row although I’ve always added beads on the knit row.

Yes that is it. I threaded all the beads on the yarn and I slide them down when I need one. Thanks for the advise, I will probably just purl row 8.