Beading Question

The video section has been of monumental help to be in my knitting escapades. I have a question right off the bat. Bought a great book, “Domiknitrix”. I am atttempting to make a bead with yarn and wanted to know if there is an easier way to go about it other than the lift increase, which I cannot seem to perform. What about a bead video??? Just kidding. Thank you!!! :ick:

I’m not really clear on what you are trying to do with the bead. One way to attach a bead is to have prestrung on the yarn and then knit it on. A second way is to use a crochet hook to do it by taking the stitch off the left needle, holding it with the hook, sliding the bead off the crochet hook on to the stitch and putting the stitch back on the left needle to be knit.

Thanks for the response. Tha actual bead is made of yarn. The design is called string of purls and involves i-cord and right/left increase. You wear it as a necklace or make one large bead, i-cord, than another large bead like a lariat. Does that make sense? Thanks!

I thought you were talking about bobbles! Have you checked out felted beads made from roving or sliver - just fibre?

Hi… I’d go here and write to her and ask some questions and pose the suggestion re the video:

I know what you mean… it’s essentially an I-cord neckplace but it has beads along the cord at different places and you have to do increases and decreases on the I cord to make them.

Perhaps you could just write the few lines that are confusing you about what to do and ask for help directly. Don’t copy the whole pattern out because of copyright.

neckplace=necklace :slight_smile: