Beading pattern

Hi everyone,

I got this pattern off of the Vogue Knitting site - I think it came from the winter 2007 issue but I’m not sure.

But the beading chart says to purl on the wrong side and knit on the right side which, as I’m following it, looks really, really weird. The parts of the pattern where the beads are on the right side are fine. The beads blend into the stockinette fairly well. However, where the beads are on the wrong side, if I don’t knit one stitch on either side of the bead, the bead shows up on the wrong side. But if I knit on either side, the stockinette stitch gets messy and the whole thing looks lumpy.

On top of that, it’s curling (of course!). But the pattern doesn’t say a thing about blocking. Am I doing this right? I’ve attached the pattern to this post…PLEASE HELP!

Hello fellow knitters =) I figured out what I was doing wrong! For future beading hopefuls:
I read the P1 of the beading instructions as “purl one stitch” instead of “purl through the back loop.” Guess I need to read up on my knitting abbreviations!