Beading Needle

I need a needle that will easily go through #6 beads and will work with a fingering weight yarn.

I haven’t been able to find any needles that I can thread the yarn through.

If you have one you no longer need or have a spare, contact me and maybe we can work out a trade of some sort. Or if it isn’t to costly, I’d like to purchase it.

Craft stores like Michael’s have needles in the beading section. They look like very thin wires, but they are split in the middle so you can open them and slip the yarn through. I used one to sew beads onto a Christmas stocking and it worked quite well.

At your local pharmacy in the dental aisle, there are “threaders”, not sure if thats what they are called, for bridges and such to thread the floss in there. they look like a big loop that comes together. They come in packs of 25 or so, much cheaper and they don’t tend to strip the yarn either. good luck, bead knitting is fun :slight_smile:

Sunni, I haven’t seen the item you mention. I’ll make a note to look for them.

As for Michael’s or other stores like it; there are none that carry beading supplies within a 50 miles. Hobby Lobby has beading stuff for jewelry, but there were no needles that I could thread my yarn through. It is a fingering or lace weight yarn.

I used the dental threaders on DMC floss (essentially fingering weight) with beads that barely fit over, not sure if they have a number since most were stones with a hole drilled in them and it worked very well for a knitted, beaded bracelet. Great fun!! I am so sorry that MIchaels there didn’t have them, they are very hard to see since they are so thin, i had to ask for them to find the darn things, then they kept cutting the floss. i found the dental things were easier on the floss although they are not very stiff.

here is a link to what they look like :slight_smile:

good luck!!

Here you go:

This is a great online bead shop with the nicest service. You may want to buy your beads from them, too, because the shipping on just needles may be more than the price of the needles themselves.

BTW: I’d buy more than one six-pack of needles. They get lost easily.

If your beads are very small, you could use a doubled piece of very thin wire–I’m talking thread thin. Basically, instead of putting your thread through an eye, you place the beading thread in the place where the wire bends and hold it tightly as you bead.


No the beads aren’t very small, nor are they large. I can’t think of anything for you to compare them to. Maybe the thickness of #3 0r 4 needles. The hole appears to be large enough to pass the yarn through. I just haven’t been able to find a needle or any other item to pull the yarn through the holes with.

Sunni, mentioned dental threaders. I keep forgeting them. I’ll make a note now to look for them.