Beaded scarf bind off problem

Hi all!!!

I hope someone can help me. I am creating a very pretty knitted beaded scarf. My problem is that I am trying to figure out how to finish it without cutting the wool.
So the last row is knit 5, then take 10 beads and bring them up to the needle, hold them tight and knit 5.

The effect of the scarf is a shell effect at the end. you start with one bead, then two, then three… so on and so forth.

This is driving me mad. any help would be great.

You mean finish it after the last stitch is done and the last bead is put on? Can you cut a really long tail and thread it through a stitch on the row below to secure the beads?

Admitted I know very little about beading with yarn. So I’m guessing here. But could you do the bind off in the next row after adding the beads? Maybe practice on a scrap to figure out what works?

FYI-It is really pretty. Gorgeous in fact.

Sorry for the confusion, and thank you for the replies.

I am talking specifically about the last row. I need to cast off the 5 stitches, but still be able to create the small loop with the 10 beads as in the pic.

I’m going to try some practice strips and hopefully I can figure it out.

Okay, what about creating the loop & working it together with the next stitch? That would give you a place to add the beads without breaking up the pattern. Just throwing out ideas here.

i’ve done one of these scarfs before. but the way the pattern told me to do it is have the beads on the yarn ahead of time and you use a longtail cast on to start the “shell shape” design starting with the fullest part 10 beads then 9 beads etc… (you need enough beads on your tail yarn and your working yarn) so the first row is awkward.

once you have it to half the length you want, you stop and stick it on a extra needle. then with a new ball do the second half then use a 3 needle bindoff to make the two scarf halfs one scarf.:knitting:

Hi i am new here but i was looking at this scarf you are binding off and its so pretty is there a pattern for this scarf and if so where can i find it?
Thank You

It is gorgeous, isn’t it?
The pattern for the Art Deco scarf is available here:

And here is a helpful video for the cast on:

I’ve made several of these scarves. What you have to do is make the scarf in 2 halves and sew it together in the middle of the scarf. So essentially you are starting at the bottom of each end (with the beads and ending the scarf when it is half as long as you want it, then you sew the two halves together.