Beaded Knitting Projects

I have worked up three of the Odessa hats that appeared in the “What cha knittin’” forum thread, and am anxious to find more useful projects that include beading. Gloves, hats, socks, anything. I’ve done several searches, but can’t seem to find anything useful.


Did you search on Ravelry? There’s 85 pages of patterns. I’m not sure what you consider useful. :??

Thanks! Don’t know why I didn’t think of that, or maybe I thought I had already. There are lots of patterns for wristlets, gloves and every form of hat. Won’t run out of ideas!

ponders the hat

I’m looking for a first beaded project to do…Not sure if I should do some sort of fancy sachet or this hat.I can’t really imagine wearing it where as the sachet might go with absolutely every corset and parasol I own but will be a bit complicated for my first :??

Perhaps some nice cuffs, not the type that look like I’m off to play tennis, with beads XD

Google Laura Nelkin. If you are on Ravelry check out her designs. She has some lovely beaded projects including Entemology, Eventied and Undulating scarf.

I just bought Knit One Bead Too. I am excited to try some of the patterns in it!

I also did these…it was nice!

Very cool… I’ve got a beaded black vet somewhere:rofl: ! It one of those projects that is on the BACK burner!!hehehehe