Beaded items

I bought Lily Chin’s book, “[COLOR=blue]Knit and Crochet with Beads[/COLOR]”, and I really like it. It adds a new dimension to my needlecrafts. I am really excited to make the stole on the front cover–I’ve got some pretty alpaca laceweight yarn all ready!–but I’m a bit hesitant. It’s true that the yarn they picked for the pattern (61% superkid mohair, 8% wool, 31% polyamid) and my yarn (100% alpaca) are both warm, but I wondered, how warm will it be with glass beads on it? I know this sounds like a silly question, but I like to be really warm; I’m afraid that these glass beads (albeit little beads–they are size 6 beads, but there are like 1,300 of them on the stole) will make the stole cold.

Has anybody used beads in their needlework for garments? Does it make that much of a difference in the warmth factor?

I haven’t…but I THINK the beads [U]won’t affect the warmth factor.[/U]
They may impinge on the cozy-wozy [I]feel [/I]of the stole, but it’ll still be warm on your shoulders, etc. Maybe even warmer.

I must say…that stole on the front cover IS TO DIE FOR!! :cheering::cheering:

Now I have another book to buy…

I really loved the stole on the cover, too. I wanted to do it in red like they showed it because I thought it looked really stunning, but I already have some pretty mossy green yarn and it seems a shame to be sitting all lonely in my stash. :teehee:

I just wanted to mention that the stole on the front cover is crocheted, though (although the pattern looks SUPER easy), but there’s no reason why you can’t do a knitted version! :thumbsup: The book has helpful information on how to both knit and crochet with beads, and how to achieve certain looks. I think it’s quite a good reference tool.

I noticed that the book is by Lily Chin! Anything and everything she published and knits IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST! She is very talented, and creative! I really admire her!

I looked at the table of contents, and it has a lot of good information!

Amazon has another book to compliment Lily’s book, and the other book has more knitting with beads. But, Lily’s instruction is usually invaluable!

I am going to order the set of two for $25.

I have been wanting to do some of this knitting beads into my sweaters! No time like the present! :thumbsup:

Damnit! Now I have another book to add to the order I’m about to place to amazon! I’m a beader - I was on the very brink of opening a bead shop two years ago when life interceded quite horribly. Since then I’ve taken a step back from it, but still love working with them making stitch markers and so on, and I’m just orderering some books on French Beaded Flowers to brush up on my skills - I’m making the bouquet for my wedding! Inspiration will hopefully follow!

As for the original question - glass beads quickly warm to your body temperature, and make good insulation - it may be a little chilly as soon as you wrap it, but give it five minutes and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Fi xxx