Beadboard backsplash anyone?

After 13 very long weeks my new countertops have finally been installed ! I bit the bullet and did granite with an undermount sink which is a HUGE improvement over my 15yr old white laminate ones. I am leaning toward a beadboard backsplash, but my cabinets are 22" up from the countertop and the hubby only wants the backsplash to be 12". Will it look funny to end the backsplash then have wall, then have cabinet? All the pics I find on-line the cabinets are lower than mine…

I’ve seen what you have described, and it looked fine to me. However, I would try putting up something temporary that looks like a back splash and then looking at it for a few days to see if you like it or not. Maybe a sample of beadboard or 12 x 12 tiles to get an idea.

Plus, remember: it’s your house, so you get to make it look like [U]you[/U] want (regardless of what the rest of the world does or thinks).

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“3”]I myself think it would look great, but I agree with Antares to maybe get a sample, put it up and live with it for awhile…actually try it both ways and then you will get an idea. BTW, I’m jealous, I so want to do my kitchen over…:wink: [/SIZE][/FONT]

I’m not sure…I think I’d get a piece of it and see how it looks beforehand, too.

Something else to consider- bead board can be hard to clean in the cracks and behind a stove might be a problem.

I totally agree with Jan. I have bead board and the cracks do collect grime, crumbs, you name it. I would much prefer some sort of tile. I have to say, in our kitchen anyway, it does look good, as there is bead board on a bit more than half the wall from the floor - but the cleaning issue is a drawback. Good luck, and I envy your kitchen makeover. Make it yours, one way or the other.

Thank you for all your input, hadn’t really thought of the cleaning issues. I will most likely accept the cleaning b/c I just can’t find tile I like. My hubby stopped and got a small piece of beadboard tonight so that we can mock it up and see if I like it and at what height. My fear is that I don’t want the kitchen to look too country and dated by going counter to cabinet b/c the kitchen is open to the main living space of the house.