Bead Knitting

Does anyone have this book? It’s all in Japanese- the author is Kotomi Hayashi. It sounds really interesting, and I’ve seen some Knitting blogs that say it’s a good book. They say they don’t need to be able to read it because the charts are good, but I just don’t know. I’m nervous!

nope but it looks a lot like the book pearls on the pulse. bead knitting it pretty easy to do from charts. its changing colors thats killer if you count wrong :slight_smile:

I don’t have the book, but knitting with beads is super easy If you can somehow get a hold of the book to browse through before you buy it look at the pictures and see if you understand. There are other books about knitting with beads, so maybe look through those to get the basic idea, and then use this one for the patterns.

I did notice it’s not on amazon,:wall: Where did you find it?

I actually found the book on this site (how cute ar those wrist cuffs???)

And, someone else talks about it on this site; there are couple entries in her blog about the book, and the people that comment love that book.

I looked on Amazon also…but I did see that you could buy the book on Lacis for $30. I think I might just have to do that!

I am JUST beginning to knit normal…and now I want to start bead knitting also??? I am CRAAAAAAZZZZZYYYY!!! :shock: :!: :shifty:

nope, just obsessed like the rest of us…

I go through obsession stages…a few years ago it was making soap…then it was cross stitching…then it was ornaments…I need to find me a job where I can just sit around and craft all day!!!

me too! I have stuff for so many different crafty things; I was so glad to pick up knitting because it’s portable! I was on spring break last week and all I did all week was knit, bead, sew, make candles, scrapbook, make wreaths, yadda yadda :shock: it’s no wonder my house is a wreck!

I found directions on reading Japanese knitting charts here. I’ve never tried to read a knitting chart before so I don’t know if they are any different than normal (except for that really cool Japanese writing, of course!

:smiley: I have a job where you can sit and knit, or crochet, or cross stitch…


ooohhhh…I’m SO jealous of you!!!

I thought the same thing, until I clicked on her profile and saw the job! :shock: I couldn’t handle the stress.

I thought the same thing, until I clicked on her profile and saw the job! :shock: I couldn’t handle the stress.

You’re right! I take it back!!! :rofling:

You would be surprised…it’s really not that stressful of a job to me. I compare it to playing video games…plus where else can you work and get paid for telling men what they have to do all day! :smiley: This May 5, I will have worked there for 22 years…I can hardly believe it! Our oldest daughter was just five when I started, and she turns 28 this year. When you stop to think about it, it’s glorified babysitting, except they pay us reallllly well.


Wow! That’s fantastic! I didn’t even realize 911 has been around for 22 years! I am going to be 29 this year and I remember 911 being such a new thing when I was little- I guess that could have been because I lived in Northern Michigan though!

You are right, it has not been around 22 years, but probably 15-17 years, out here anyway. Twenty-two years is just how long I have worked there, the first two years answering the phones before I switched to dispatching.

I did get out my ‘Wonderful Wallaby’ to try and figure out the kitchener stitch today, but as soon as I did, it got busy, so back in the bag it went…hopefully tomorrow as I really want to get it done!


yeah WTG. rub it in why doncha!!!

oo i posted thatbefore I read the rest of the thread…yikes!
THANK YOU for being a 911 dispatcher; I don’t think i could do it!

Sure you could! It’s a good job to have to support a knitting habit! If you ever watch Cops and see an older one from Pierce County, Washington, chances are you will hear me.


you can buy it on

It’s very easy to knitt that wrists, you follow the chart (no need to master japanese :wink:

you can have a see on my french blog to see the result when done :

The post of these warm wrists is not yet in english,
but I’ll soon translate on my english blog :

If you need a help I can try to explain you.


>>[quote=Pirouette;1134008]you can buy it on>>

If you don’t mind me jumping in here, I just found out that they won’t ship to the US.
There is a web site that this book Beads Knitting by Kotomi Hayashi can be ordered from. It’s

>>It’s very easy to knitt that wrists, you follow the chart (no need to master japanese :wink: >>
I took a look at your blogs and loved the knit wrists, very beautiful. You do very lovely workwith the cross stitch also.