Bead Knitting And Lace Advice please


I would like to try bead knitting, and maybe lace, I do not like knitting in the round, so hope to knit on straight needles.

I read somewhere that the needles can be as small as 000 ,???

I would like to get some needles and yarn and beads, but do not know what sizes to buy, It is proving difficult to get advice on this, and I am in the UK. I did contact a local yarn shop but they had no idea about needles so small.

Does anyone know where i can get straight needles and what sizes please.

Many Thanks

Hi and welcome to KH!
It might be best to start with a pattern. It’ll recommend a needle size and a bead size if beads are part of the pattern. As you do more lace knitting, you can buy needles in more sizes. There should be lots of patterns on Ravelry (free to join) or at Knitting Pattern Central. At least those sites will give you an idea of what’s available.
Here’s one source for small needles but of course, one in the UK would be better for you.

Thanks for the link will go take a look