Bead in SSK vs SKP

I’m working on the Aeolian Shawl ( and the instructions say:

“When a bead is to be placed on a decrease, the bead should be placed before working the decrease, as follows:
For a [ssk], place the bead on the first st on the left needle.”

I work all ssk’s as skp - I just find it easier and I like the look of my result better. Now would I still place the bead on the first stitch? In my mind it should work out to be exactly the same, but I just kinda want another voice to tell me it will be ;o)

BTW - I find this pattern to be so fast and enjoyable… maybe it’s because I already made all the mistakes I could make on my very first shawl, but even the beading is super simple!

Ooooo ouch! That is a tough question to answer Evan, without getting down into the pattern myself!

But here is my answer anyway: whatever you do…and I think you have a good grip on your beading technique…make sure that the bead displays itself to best advantage. I do believe that is the pattern’s main concern when they give direction for the ssk decrease with a bead.

Another thing…could you work an ssk when a bead is involved?
Would it matter much, not being an ssp, when a bead is involved? :think:

Let us know your decision!

And, how’s about taking some good closeup digital photos of the bead as it sits on either an ssk as opposed to an ssp…so we can compare the diff?

I think you would do it the same, have you tried it? The only difference between ssk and skp is both sts are slipped versus slipping only the 1st one on the skp. You’re slipping the first st either way.

Thanks everyone!!! I had planned to make it that far two days ago, but life had to go and get in the way! :o/ (I would actually be on that section, but I decided to go with 2 extra repeats of the Yucca chart because I have sooooo much yarn!)

Anyway, I will post pictures of both variations and let you know what I ended up going with :o)

I haven’t taken a picture yet, but they look identical… as they should (imo!) :o) I’m just happy I don’t have to mess with SSK… for some reason it just never feels natural to me :o)

I promise… soon… there will be pictures of this shawl. It’s one of two I started this month for my 10 shawls of 2010… already half (or more) done with both!