Bead crochet / knitting help please

:knitting: Hi Everyone

I want to start to bead knit / crochet i would like to use size 11 seed beads, can anyone advise me on what cotton i need to use, and knitting needle crochet hook size please.

I am just learning so just want to start something easy like a bead scarf.
Thanks so much

If you’re just starting, I’d suggest using larger beads. My first beaded project (in a class) has #6 beads and uses a crochet hook to slide them over each stitch as the beads are needed.


You would need to work with pearl cotton (and probably lace needles) for this small a bead but I agree with DCM that it would be better to start with a larger size bead especially for a first project. Here is a video that shows you two alternative eays to add beads.