Be honest - knitted skirts/dresses?

I’m new to all this knitting stuff, and to be honest, some of the patterns I’ve seen are just…odd. I don’t mean “odd” odd, like the, er, apple cozy, which seems normal enough, if you’re into that sort of thing.

But things like the turtleneck sweater that lacked the sweater part. Just the neck. The ad copy said something like “keep your neck warm without all the hassle of getting dressed and undressed!” They seemed serious.:shrug:

I have to say, though, the skirt/dress concept seems a little shaky. Some of the patterns seem nice, some are a little, uh, different…I’ve been on the fence about whether or not even to ask this question - but I’m dying to know.

Do they, or do they not, create “diaper butt”? You know what I’m talking about. Like jeans you’ve worn too long. Or those pants that seemed great in the store, but as soon as you got up for that first cup of coffee after sitting down at work you realize were a really bad idea. Saggy bottom.

The whole idea of knitted goods on the badonkadonk seems tricky. :think: I can’t figure out how it might work. So be honest-
have you done it? Do they sag? Do they look amazing? In a good way or a bad way? Newbies want to know. :mrgreen:

Depends on the pattern and the yarn used. I would try it if I found a cute pattern… but the truth is, there isn’t enough yarn in existance to cover this.

I’ve seen some dress and skirt patterns that I just love–and I want to try them----but the amount of yarn needed!!? It’s would cost over $100 easily. Especially if you find a nice yarn that won’t do the sag thing.
Besides that, it seems to me that while they fit the models beautifully, just in the nature of handknits- they would accentuate all the wrong places on normal women.

I’m definetly a pass on the skirt, dress thing. I’m sure you could find something that wouldn’t give a sagging butt, perhaps using really fine yarn and small needles.

I make it a point to stay away from that stuff unless it’s for a child.


I’ve never tried it, but I know there are yarns that have Lycra in them, and they’re rumored to prevent the dreaded diaper butt effect. :teehee:

I think some skirts may be okay. This, however, is not.

I am 100% positive I wouldn’t wear a knit skirt.




Actually, it’s not a bad idea, if you think of it worn as a dickey under a jacket. I prefer my jackets close-fitting, and not having the bulk of a complete sweater (particularly sleeves) under them is really nice.

Just don’t forget and unbutton!!! :oo:

Or did you mean something like a cowl? Those are great in cold weather because they can be worn bunched around your neck in place of a scarf, or drawn up over your hair like a hood. They’re also great for little girls, because they are much less of a strangulation hazard than scarves.

Ultimately, the only question you have to ask is “Would I wear it”? For me, that means I’ll consider a turtleneck dickey, but pass on the belly-baring sweaters (a true community service :rofl: ).


How about a kilt?

[SIZE=1](I heard real men wear kilts :teehee:)[/SIZE]

I wish I could knit myself a few of the beautiful knit skirts and dresses that I have seen recently. I’m a plus size gal so there is NO way that I will knit one. They just would not “work” for me. :cry: But if I were a tiny gal…I’d have knit a few of them them long ago.:inlove:

Are you saying tiny girls can get away with diaper butt? Because by some standards I qualify as “tiny”. And no way do I look super with extra saggy bottom fabric. I’m not sure even people young enough to wear actual diapers look good with that…unless of course they have the neato ruffly lace diaper cover thing going on…

Me, on the other hand (as I decline to show people whether or not I’ve got lacey bits on my drawers) - I can’t really get away with that look.

My (somewhat) legit reason for asking was that I was thinking of knitting up some cute shorty shorts for (ahem) around the house. But I’m not going to all that work if they’re going to sag around the house instead of being flattering. If you know what I mean.

That, and my REAL, BURNING question - Who wears these skirts!? WHO?! I want photographic evidence that the pattern people are not just mocking us from their offices, slinging back martinis and saying “oh yeah. Lets put that in and see if anyone actually makes it.” Two months later… “They made it!” :roflhard:

Ya know? :?

ARGH!!! And someone will pay $200 for that?

On the side of skirts and dresses, I have plans for shift dresses to wear over jeans, like long tops instead, and for skirts, more things to tie round skirts I’m already wearing - I’d love to have the figure and the money to pay for yarn to make some of the dresses out there, but I’ll settle for slightly flared dress/tops which cost quite enough…

I made a cute one for my daughter (she’s 2 1/2) and want to make her another in a different pattern. I’d never make one for myself though. I just think it would look awful on me.

I covet the one Eunny Jang made from a denim yarn and also Intolerable Cruelty in a bamboo yarn from Knitty.

But yeah, in reality I just don’t know…certainly not on my lumpy bottom half.

This is real?? Someone actually BIDS on this stuff??

I don’t think I’d ever do a knit skirt - it just seems wrong. But I’m more of a long flow-y skirt kind of girl myself - knit skirts seem like it would feel like wearing a sweater on your butt, and I just don’t need a sweater on my butt - hanging over it, but surely not on it.

I bought the yarn (cotton/silk) to knit the strapless dress and jacket from Vogue Knitting Spring 2007. I plan on knitting in a strand of elastic with the chest and butt areas.


redheadrachel, thanks for that. Fetish-knitting. I’m hoping the pot of extra-industrial strength coffee will be strong enough to scald at least a little of that image out of the back of my eyeballs. :shock: I knew somewhere in the depths of my wee little brain that there was bound to be something like that out there, but I’d managed to avoid inspecting it until now. :shock: I’m going to go back to pretending that doesn’t exist now, if that’s alright with you. :hiding:

candicane, really? Is that how the diaper butt is avoided? Or do certain yarns, like the bamboo yarn indicated in the Intolerable Cruelty skirt, just not sag much. Because that is a cute skirt- at least until the wearer sits down and then stands up again. :lol::think:

I don’t look good in skirts of any stretchy fabric, my bootay is just too big. I think some of the patterns are so cute though. If I had a different bod I would love to make some. And I love them for little girls.