Be a Jetson!

I used to love the Jetson cartoons and can still sing most of the theme tune even tho I’ve not seen it for years and years. Isn’t it amazing what we are seeing technology advance with in our generation. Imagine what our grandkids will be doing when they’re our age. The ability to hover and fly above the ground:,23483,22208755-36335,00.html

Here is more direct link to the vid:

oh yeah- I love the Jetsons, the flintstones, all the old cartoons!!! The crazy gizmos in the Jetsons always cracked me up. We have a great cable TV channel (called Boomerang) that runs nothing but classic cartoons 24/7. Love it!!! thanks for the funny vid!

I loved the Jetsons too! My favorite was the Jetsons Meets the Flintstones movie…I loved how they accidently traded places and had to live in each other’s worlds. Its so cute!:teehee:

Thanks for sharing, that’s really neat!

Heh… I used to love the concept where Jane used to put something over her head and each time it was lifted a totally new hairstyle was in place and she could pick and choose :slight_smile: And Judy had an impossibly tiny waist! :slight_smile:

yeah! and they pushed a button to pick a new outfit and get dressed… and the house cleaned itself- and they had Rosie the wonderful houserobot!!!

I had a friend in college we called Judy (even through her name was Hillary) because she looked and sounded like Judy Jetson…

I’m looking forward to this new “Underdog” movie- even though it isn’t animated. I loved that old cartoon!! There’s no need to fear- Underdog is here! I was so excited when the hubby found it on DVD.